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Balanced Scorecard

ProMinds® will support your organization for having an enterprise level overview on the overall performance of business by integrating financial measures with other key performance indicators around customer satisfaction, internal business processes and organizational growth, learning and innovation as a measurement system. Apart, ProMinds® shall help transform this measurement system to a management system by integrating the past performance and future performance of the measures to depend on business decisions.
Balanced Scorecard:  is a performance measurement framework that added with strategic non-financial performance measures to traditional financial metrics, to enable managers and executives a more 'balanced' overview of organizational performance. In other terms, it is an analysis technique designed to translate an organization’s mission statement and overall business strategy into specific, quantifiable goals and to monitor the organization’s performance in terms of achieving these goals.
ProMinds® Team works closely with every business function, within the ambit of client’s team from the project initiation till successful implementation by integrating the performance measures, to the best possible interests of the client.
The detailed activities include:
Support organization to translate vision and strategy and align the initiatives.
Help to define the strategic linkages to integrate performance across organization.
Assist to communicate the objectives and measures internally to all business units and employees to ensure their understanding and support the strategies.
Help to provide timeline feedback to Management about the strategy and its impact.
Assist you to define a compensation model based on performance.
Ensure due support in making the strategy operational, by translating it into performance measures and targets.
Helps focus entire organization on what must be done to create a breakthrough performance.
Further, ProMinds® shall provide extra services in mutual agreement, after successful implementation of Balanced Scorecard in your organization. The services include:
Consulting on process automation and interfacing of various systems and data.
Advisory on building measures and metrics.
Strategic Consulting and business Process Definitions.
Business Process Mapping, Reverse and Re-engineering