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Cloud Security

ProMinds will assist your organization by performing the extensive security testing on your Cloud Network / Cloud Application / Cloud Servers. Cloud Security Testing will be carried on 'White Hat' or 'Black Hat' mode, as required. ProMinds uses the guidelines issued by OWASP Top 10 as well as ProMinds proprietary test methodology and guidelines. ProMinds work closely with your team in assuring security of your Cloud Infrastructure and Applications right through the complete product lifecycle, including operations and support.

The detailed activities include:

  • Information gathering of all the assets under scope including systems / network devices / smart devices / mobile applications on the Cloud Infrastructure / Cloud Network / Cloud Application with help of your team.
  • Identifying the criticality and functionality of the various critical assets in the cloud environment under scope
  • Identifying the criticality and functionality of the application which is selected for the testing cloud environment under scope
  • Performing the Cloud Security Testing on the Identified Critical Assets / Cloud Application Security Testing / Source Code Review using innovative methods and the best tools in the industry to assure security.
  • A detailed report containing the vulnerabilities found, corresponding risk category, business impact and the solution to fix the vulnerabilities will be provided.
  • Performing the secure code review of the cloud applications using manual techniques to identify the security threats of the application.
  • Perform tests exploiting weaknesses of the applications with contextual security that are reported false positive.
  • Deliver the Secure Code Review reports with weaknesses and other specific reports as required by your Company / Organization.
  • Deliver Test and Compliance Reports with identified vulnerabilities, exploits with snapshots, penetration test report and other specific reports with recommendations as required by your Company / Organization.